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- Dual blade flanges & reversible guard enable right and left-hand cutting.
- Rugged adjustable pointer wheel assembly is durable and accurate, helping ensure straight cut.
- Strong protected frame for easy transportation and protect the engine.
- Super-rigid box frame ensures straight cuts while resisting warping and vibration
– Prolongs saw life: extends blade life.
- Quality shaft bearings for long service life.
- Easy crank for raising/lowering blade depth.
- Comfortable grip handles.
- Hinged front, the lift-up blade guard is designed to provide easy blade replacement.
- Saw position guide helps ensure straight cuts.
- Water system provides an optimum flow and volume of water to the blade.

MODEL_PMF14H_PMF16_PMF20 v2.jpg
MODEL: PMF14H – PMF16 – PMF20: Testimonials
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